Cesar Gozurreta

Sep 10, 2020

6 min read

How dangerous is your product?

Over the millions of years our brains had to evolve, one of its most important (and relatively recent) functions has been predicting the future, as in “If I punch an alligator, I will die” not as “The Dallas Broncos will win the World Series by a three-pointer”. And what best use of this “superpower” than to keep us from kicking the proverbial bucket?

Risk evaluation

Which brings me to the point of this article

Rule 1: Voluntary risks are more acceptable than involuntary risks

Rule 2: Acceptance is inversely proportional to prevalence

Rule 3: Disease is a yardstick

Rule 4: Novelty increases perceived risks

Rule 5: Numbers are numbing

Case A

Case B

In conclusion. Here’s my new venture